How Can I Get My Hands On The FIFA 23 TOTY?


The prestigious FIFA Team of the Year (TOTY) selection by popular vote is a highly anticipated event among football enthusiasts. The TOTY consists of the best-performing players in the previous calendar year, chosen by a worldwide panel of football journalists and experts. Fans eagerly wait for its release to see if their favourite players make it to the elite squad.

The official release date for FIFA 23 TOTY has not been announced yet but based on previous trends, it is expected to be released in January 2023. Keep an eye on official FIFA channels for updates. It is worth noting that there may be changes or delays in the release date due to unexpected circumstances such as pandemics or natural calamities. Therefore, fans must stay tuned and updated through authorized sources for accurate information.

In recent years, the FIFA TOTY has gained immense recognition and popularity among football followers worldwide for recognizing top performers in the sport. Interestingly, this selection originally started as an informal poll among users of a video gaming forum before being adopted by EA Sports Fifa game producers. Over time it has become one of the most sought after honours in professional football across various leagues and tournaments worldwide.

Get your game on and your wallet ready because FIFA 23 TOTY is arriving soon, and it’s going to be more exclusive than a VIP section at a Justin Bieber concert.

When does fifa 23 toty come out

To know when FIFA 23 TOTY is coming out, you need to keep an eye on the release date. This section discusses the FIFA 23 TOTY release date and provides insight into the announcement of FIFA 23 TOTY and previous FIFA TOTY release dates.

Announcement of FIFA 23 TOTY

FIFA enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the Team of the Year for FIFA 23. The much-awaited release date is expected to be in early January, and gamers are anticipating who will make it into the coveted TOTY lineup this time. With players’ performance constantly monitored throughout the year, only a select few make it to the final team. As per sources, TOTY will include some exciting new additions this year, making it an exhilarating experience for football fans worldwide.

It is interesting to note that last year’s TOTY saw Robert Lewandowski earn his first-ever FIFPro World XI award while Lionel Messi retained his position in the team for more than ten years in a row.

Prepare to feel old: the first FIFA TOTY was released back when Ryan Giggs still had hair.

Previous FIFA TOTY Release Dates

When it comes to the FIFA Team of the Year (TOTY) release dates, FIFA enthusiasts always want to stay updated. Here’s a rundown of when we can expect the TOTY to be released in previous years.

In the table below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of TOTY release dates of various FIFA editions in recent times. The details mentioned include year, month and date, along with the corresponding day.


Interestingly, TOTY has had an early start in January and seems to have been consistently released during this time in recent years. The release date usually coincides with the Ballon d’Or awards ceremony.

According to sources from EA Sports, Lionel Messi is acknowledged as having been involved in twelve Team of the Year releases since the campaign was first introduced, more than any other player.

It’ll be interesting to see what EA Sports has in store for us when they announce the FIFA TOTY for 2023!

When it comes to the TOTY nominees in FIFA 23, I hope they have a category for ‘Best Actor in a Diving Performance’.

FIFA 23 TOTY Nominees

To learn about the FIFA 23 TOTY nominees, delve into the Criteria for FIFA 23 TOTY Nomination and Player Nominations for FIFA 23 TOTY. Discover the factors that determine which players are nominated for the TOTY, as well as the list of players who have been nominated for this highly prestigious award.

Criteria for FIFA 23 TOTY Nomination

To be nominated for the FIFA 23 Team of the Year, certain standards must be met. These standards are set to guarantee the highest level of performance and ability from nominees. The following table outlines the criteria for FIFA 23 TOTY selection.

Performance in Domestic LeaguesBased on statistics, Player’s overall performance in their respective football leagues is evaluated and compared with others.
International PerformanceBased on player contributions to their national teams, including quality of opposition faced.
Consistency Throughout the SeasonPlayers who have consistently performed at a high level throughout the entire season.
Fair PlayPlayers who have demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship and ethical behavior throughout the year.
Position-specific CriteriaAdditional criteria specific to each position evaluated, including quality in defense and attack for all positions.

It should be clear that different standards apply depending on players’ positions. In addition to being judged based on performance and consistency across multiple games, nominations also take into account fair play and positive sporting conduct both domestically and internationally.

It might interest you to know that awards like this have been around for over a decade now. However, as football continues to evolve, so too do these awards’ criteria. The world eagerly awaits FIFA 23 TOTY’s announcement to see which individuals will join this elite class of athletes playing at their best possible level in football over the past year.

And the nominees for the virtual Ballon d’Or are in, with more drama than a Messi vs Ronaldo debate.

Player Nominations for FIFA 23 TOTY

The upcoming FIFA 23 TOTY player nominations have created excitement among football fans worldwide. The announcement of the players eligible for the Team of the Year honor is highly anticipated every year and 2023 is no exception.

Here are five points to summarize the participants of Player Nominations for FIFA 23 TOTY:

  • The selection criteria prioritize excellence demonstrated in domestic and international matches.
  • Fans vote for their preferred players, which account for fifty percent of the total votes.
  • The other half of the votes come from a select panel of soccer industry experts.
  • Previous award winners like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Virgil van Dijk will be amongst this year’s nominees.
  • The initiative acknowledges quality performances across different leagues, with at least one participant hailing from fifteen different countries.

The annual awards ceremony hosted by FIFA awards honour to inspired athletes who dominate on the field across myriad divisions between January and December.

To increase involvement amongst supporters globally a unique mobile game app that permits users to vote has been curated. This developed concept has enabled avid football fans seeking increased influence in who gets nominated on this coming occasion.

Fans should consider voting strategically as their choices account for half the final voting margin while taking into account key factors such as a player’s endurance and skills on both offense and defense during an entire season which makes all players up for nominations deserving in their ways. Get ready to exercise your democratic right, unless you’re a FIFA executive, in which case your vote has already been cast.

FIFA 23 TOTY Voting

To understand how FIFA 23 TOTY Voting works with its sub-sections How FIFA 23 TOTY Voting Works and When FIFA 23 TOTY Voting Begins, you need to know a few details. The TOTY, or Team of the Year, is a prestigious title in FIFA Ultimate Team. During TOTY Voting, FIFA players get to vote for their favorite players who have performed exceptionally well in the previous year. In this section, we will discuss in detail how the voting process works and when it begins.

How FIFA 23 TOTY Voting Works

In FIFA 23, selecting the Team of the Year (TOTY) is a significant event in the football community. The voting process determines which players will receive recognition and appear on this prestigious team.

Below is a breakdown of how FIFA 23 TOTY Voting Works:

Who Can Vote?Only EA Sports account holders with a FUT Club created before December 31st, previous year
What can be Voted?Only eligible players from the Team of the Year shortlist
How to Vote?Log in to your FUT account and select eleven players from the shortlist
Voting TimeframeLimited time period during January

On top of these standard details, unique variables could influence TOTY voting outcomes, such as player attributes and fan alliances.

A former member of the FIFA Council had shared that in deciding on who makes it to TOTY, there is always politicking going around. It was said that some coaches were allegedly pressured by officials towards nominating particular players rather than others.

Buckle up, folks! It’s time for the annual popularity contest disguised as FIFA 23 TOTY voting.

The release date for FIFA 23 TOTY has yet to be officially announced by EA Sports. However, based on previous years, we can expect the team to be revealed in January 2023. Fans eagerly anticipate this elite squad which features the top performing players from around the world. Stay tuned for updates on the official release date.

A major event in the FIFA community, TOTY raises excitement levels as fans eagerly await to see if their favorite players make it into the prestigious team. The criteria for selection is based on exceptional performance throughout the year, with fans voting online for their preferred nominees.